A Final Final Update From the Observatory

As mentioned previously my Clarkesworld story “The Veilonaut’s Dream” was translated and published in China’s premier SF magazine Science Fiction World last year. I’ve just received my physical contributor’s copies this weekend and what I didn’t know previously is that the editors had commissioned interior artwork for the story. Not only is this a first for me, the artwork is really great and accurate to the spirit of “Dream”. The artist is YAO Kai (摇开), contracted by Science Fiction World Publishing Co. Ltd, and with the kind permission of the editors here it is in all its glory: Maddy, Zhang, and Su breach the Discontinuity.

Art for “The Veilonaut’s Dream” by YAO Kai (摇开), contracted by Science Fiction World Publishing Co. Ltd.

Dream Translation

Just received photos of my story “The Veilonaut’s Dream” (originally published at Clarkesworld and subsequently in Best of British Science Fiction 2018) sent by the staff at Chinese magazine Science Fiction World Translations, whilst I wait for the physical copies to arrive. I’m really chuffed, as this is the first time any story of mine has been translated — and for one of the biggest markets there is. “The Veilonaut’s Dream” really has turned out to be the little story that could. (The fantastic magazine cover is the image of “Cheela” from Robert L. Forward’s Starquake, apparently.)