The Dragonmaster’s Ghost

The Dragonmaster’s Doom

Received in the post today a copy of Dragons, Droids & Doom: Year One, the collected stories from the first year of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, edited by Iulian Ionescu and Frederick Doot. Amongst many other stories by many other authors, it contains my Mevlish story, “The Dragonmaster’s Ghost”, first published in FSM #4. Very happy to see it reprinted in what is a very handsome-looking physical book. 

Dragons, Droids & Doom: Year One is available as a trade paperback or as an e-book from most of the usual places as well as from its own dedicated website. 


The Ghost In The Scroll

Happy to announce my story “The Dragonmaster’s Ghost” is up at issue #4 of Fantasy Scroll Mag. What are you waiting for? Go read it now!

“Ghost” is a sequel to “The Clay Farima” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #128), and the third story to feature the world and characters first introduced in “The Edge of Magic” (included in Fantasy For Good, just out this month).

The canonical order of the three “Mevlish the Mighty” stories:

  1. The Edge of Magic
  2. The Clay Farima
  3. The Dragonmaster’s Ghost

I’m still considering if the Near and Far Kingdoms or Mevlish will feature in more stories. I have no doubt they could. But I do wonder if they should.

Let me know what you think, either here or on the Fantasy Scroll Mag site.

That’s my final published story for 2014, which brings the total to five. Two fantasy stories, two science fiction, and one horror. Sounds about right.


"Into The Vortex", photo by Rick Holliday.

“Into The Vortex”, photo by Rick Holliday.


Fantasy Circus Or Lakeside Scroll?

Happy to learn a couple of stories have been accepted in the past few weeks. “Within Without”, a hard(ish) SF flash piece at Lakeside Circus, and a 5K story “The Dragonmaster’s Ghost” at Fantasy Scroll Mag. The latter is the third and very probably final instalment in the “Mevlish The Mighty” sequence of tales that started with The Edge Of Magic and continued in The Clay Farima. I’m really pleased all three found good homes and readers can follow the whole saga (if they wish!).

Pure coincidence, but the current Issue 1 cover at Fantasy Scroll Mag by Jonathan Gragg is actually a pretty good match for the theme of “The Dragonmaster’s Ghost”. More details about this story and “Within Without” closer to their publication dates.