Three Separate Kisses

Not only did the world not end today, somebody must have broken out the mistletoe at Daily Science Fiction headquarters. My story “Three Kisses” is going to be split into its constituent parts and will run on three consecutive days starting 22nd January 2013. (The DSF January lineup can be found here.)

I wrote these fairytale-inspired flash pieces in quick succession, all based on the same prompt (more details of which closer to the publication date), and submitted them as a single story divided into three sections. It’s a real privilege — and nerve-wracking! — to find that these will be published separately, landing in DSF’s 6000 subscribers’ inboxes three days in a row.

To celebrate, I created a mashup image that I hope reflects the individual “Kisses”. Can you guess which stories provided the original inspirations?


(Top image: Daniel Eskridge, centre: StinaBG, bottom: Eugenio Recuenco.)

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