Life Is A Beach

So…news of my last story acceptance landed in my inbox whilst I was sprawled on a beach near St. Ives, Cornwall. Yesterday, after returning from a day on the beach at Lyme Regis, Dorset, I discovered an acceptance from Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction. It may sound like I spend all my life with my toes wiggling in the sand, but the truth is we live as far from the coast as it’s possible to get on this island nation. Given the trend, maybe that’s something I need to do correct…

Very glad to be appearing in Nine. I love the clean, minimalist look: it allows the reader to immerse themselves in the text without distraction. Plus, hey, royalties (maybe).

I’ll post more about the story when the details get firmed up. In the meantime, a picture of the boys digging on the beach as the Great British rainclouds gather…


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