Month: February 2013

“The Bargain” accepted by DSF

Learned today that my short flash story “The Bargain” has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction. This is my fourth acceptance at DSF, and will be my sixth story to appear there in total (if you count Three Kisses as three separate stories). It also means that I already know I will (very probably) have at least six stories published in 2013 — and February’s not even ended! Not quite believing it all yet…I keep looking up, waiting for a piano to drop on my head and restore the karmic balance…

More details about “The Bargain” closer to its publication.

“Magic Creatures From Celtic Mists” Cover Reveal

Today sees the cover reveal for the anthology “Magic Creatures From Celtic Mists”, out from Artema Press in April, and containing my short story “The Unforgiven Dead”. More details about the story closer to its publication, but kudos to editor and artist Jeanne Haskin for the cover design.