Month: September 2011

Albino Angel Apes and the Unashamed Gloat

Received my WotF certificate today, and very handsome it looks, too. I’ll have to see if I can polish up and rescue the actual story in question — it features albino angel apes, so I can’t give up on it yet. 

The other piece of good news is that Daily Science Fiction have revealed their October schedule, and my flash story “Amy’s First” is slotted for e-mail distribution on Wednesday 19th October (sign-up – it’s free!), and then featured on the front of their website a week later. This makes me both excited and…nervous! Flash is not my natural form — I’ve always struggled with burgeoning wordcounts and invasive infodumps (and too many damned adjectives) — but maybe the discipline it requires, in knowing what is vital and what to omit, is something I should extend to all my writing now…

"The Right Honorable Mention"

An honorable mention

No update yet on when “Amy’s First” is to be scheduled at DSF (it could be any time in the next 11 months), but I have received notification my second entry to the Writers of the Future contest has been given an “Honorable Mention”. A few steps down from the Semi-Finalist position for the last entry, but it does show that wasn’t just a fluke (he says).

The great feature about this contest is that entries are anonymous when judged, so reputation or past contest history count for nought. I hope this means my writing has achieved some level of consistency…something like beaten egg whites, I suspect.